Dioses (2008)

Dioses (2008)
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<p>Elisa, fiancee of a wealthy industrialist who is twenty years older than her is eager to shed her working-class background in favor of the opulence of her fiancé’s elite lifestyle. To her dismay, she soon realizes her hopes to slip into magazine-ready images of domestic splendor must also include her future children, Diego and Andrea. As she embraces her new life, her children rebel against their upper-class upbringing. They live outside the world, far from the reality of their country, in a world where the landmarks are truncated. In the luxurious family villa bordered by the ocean, the two teenagers find themselves mostly disconnected from other people. The new mother will have to learn the rules that her new status implies.</p>

The Peruvian journalist Pedro Salinas writes, “Behind Gods, the movie, lurks a revolutionary, a teacher from the magic of living, who at the point of close-ups and frames studied achieved a description of one of the usual problems of Peru… Mendez set out boldly onto the screen his vision of a minority of Peruvian in which everyone talks, they meet, they drink and they are happy, while another Peru, a most impoverished majority, serves the needs of this frivolous few.” This richly drawn, psychologically complex film paints a dark picture of a privilege life side by side with poverty in Peru. But Mendez’ use of a light hand, an unsparing humor, beautiful bodies and settings make for an enjoyable and thought provoking hour and a half.
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