Alice Visby - Stuck in the couch

Alice Visby - Stuck in the couch
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Alice is typing at the computer, when she realizes that her earrings are missing from her ears! “Where are my earrings?!” she exclaims. She walks over to the couch and she begins to search the couch cushions for her earrings. She sticks her hand in the couch, and she ends up getting her hands stuck in the couch! “Luke? Cory? Can someone please come help me?!” she calls out. A few minutes later, I walk in to the room and I find my daughter, Alice, bent over the couch with her hands stuck in the cushions! “What are you doing? You’re not really stuck, are you?” I ask her. She keeps trying to pull herself out but she can’t. She looks up at me and she notices the boner in my pants! I lift up her skirt and I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy. “Maybe this will help you get unstuck!” I suggest. “Should we be doing this?” Alice whispers to me. “I am just trying to help you get unstuck!” I remind her. I keep fucking her pussy in the doggy style position, and then I ask her to flip over in to the missionary position. Her hands are still stuck, so I keep fucking her pussy. “You’re on birth control, right?” I ask her. “Yes, I am!” she tells me. “Okay, good, because I just came inside of you…” I tell her.
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