Elena Koshka – Yes, Daddy Fuck Me

Elena Koshka – Yes, Daddy Fuck Me
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<p>Walter’s (Chad White) body is tense, he stares straight ahead. His daughter Katie, (Elena Koshka) has been making advances towards him and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. Is it wrong? Yes. Does it turn him on? Absolutely. He summons his inner strength and he watches Katie’s smooth leg rub up and down his wool slacks. Her leg slightly see-saws, closer and closer to his groin causing his dick to harden. She climbs onto his lap and moves her arms around his head. He musters his restraint and gently pushes her off of his lap reminding her that her mother does not approve of an nineteen year old girl sitting on her father’s lap. He leaves for work and Katie sulks to her room to gush about the failed attempt to make love to her daddy in her diary.</p>

Walter reads the diary when Katie is out and he is shocked that Katie is unapologetically in love with him, not as a girl should love her father, but as a lover. The things that his sweet 19 year old daughter says, shock him, and it was at that moment when his mind went wild with the possibilities. What if they made love and no one knew? What if it could be their little secret? His thoughts shame him and he hopes time will lessen her affection for him.
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